Road Trip 2022: Down South

In progress ⌛

Map will be updated daily(ish), pictures will be uploaded after the trip!

Start: August 3, 2022
Map updated: day 12, August 14, 2022.



July 29-31, 2022

Snitser Mar 🇳🇱

Snitser Mar is a lake in the Dutch province of Friesland, located between the city of Sneek and the villages of Terhorne and Goingarijp. 🔗


July 17, 2022

Nieuwstadt 🇳🇱

Nieuwstadt is a city in the Dutch province of Limburg. It is a part of the municipality of Echt-Susteren, and lies north of Sittard. 🔗


July 16, 2022

Mönchengladbach 🇩🇪

Mönchengladbach is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located west of the Rhine, halfway between Düsseldorf and the Dutch border. 🔗


May 22, 2022

Sint-Truiden 🇧🇪

Sint-Truiden is a city and municipality located in the province of Limburg, Flemish Region, Belgium, near the towns of Hasselt and Tongeren. The municipality includes the former communes of Aalst, Brustem, Duras, Engelmanshoven, Gelinden, Gorsem, Groot-Gelmen, Halmaal, Kerkom-bij-Sint-Truiden, Melveren, Metsteren, Ordingen, Runkelen, Velm, Wilderen, and Zepperen. The city is in the centre of Belgium’s fruit-producing region, Haspengouw, and is renowned for its pears, apples, and sweet cherries. 🔗

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