July 31, 2021 (day 2 of 19)

Svaneholms Slott, Skurup 🇸🇪

Svaneholm Castle lays claim to a number of ghosts, including a love-lorn 16th century Danish king, the helpful Grey Monk, and a few random ladies who waft about the place looking ethereal.

Toftaholm Herrgård, Vittaryd 🇸🇪

This hotel was once a manor house, owned by a wealthy baron. The baron had an attractive young daughter, and a young man fell in love with her.

Unfortunately for the young man, he was a commoner, and the baron refused to allow a marriage. Instead, he found a suitable husband for his daughter (suitable for the baron, anyway).On the morning of the wedding, the young man hanged himself from a beam in the manor house.

The room where he committed suicide is now Room 324; it is said to be haunted by his unhappy ghost.

Hassle Kyrka, Mariestad 🇸🇪

Hassle Church is a church building that since 2004 belongs to Lyrestad parish in Skara diocese. It is located about 10 kilometers northeast of the central town in Mariestad municipality.

Parked for the night 🇸🇪

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