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Finnskogen Kro og Motell, Svullrya πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

In several hundred years it has been told and written stories involving creatures and events that has happened within Finnskogen. Supposedly there are shacks that witches live in, ogresses and the chilling sound of a lone infant wailing somewhere.

Nes Kirkeruiner, Vormsund πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

Initially built in the 12th-century, Nes church was burnt down by the Swedes in 1567. It was then rebuilt in the shape of a cross in 1697 before the Swedes burnt it down again in 1854. The church was not rebuilt, although conservation work started in the twentieth century, and the ruins are now the perfect place for everything from small picnics to concerts.

Despite its history, there are no ghosts of unfortunate churchgoers who were burned alive, and Swedes visiting the ruins are no more at risk of a haunting than anyone else. Yet visitors have reported experiencing a pressure on their chest, difficulty moving, troubles with their electronic equipment, and glimpsing shadows and figures disappearing behind corners.

The main suspect behind these experiences is Jacob Christian Finckenhagen, a priest at the church who died in 1837. By some accounts, Finckenhagen was a rather formidable figure in the community and died a rich man, despite his lowly occupation.
Some stories say that he died of old age, while others say he hung himself in his church. Other stories claim that the ghosts are actually his children, who are allegedly buried behind the altar.

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