August 3, 2021 (day 5 of 19)

On the road 🇳🇴

Den Nationale Scene, Bergen 🇳🇴

Over the years, several employees at Den Nationale Scene have claimed that they met Octavia Sperati in the theater building – 100 years after she died. It is said that she can sometimes be heard in the hallways of the old house on Engen.

Fortunately, most people think that the legendary actor is a kind house ghost.

Parked for the night, Tindevegen, Øvre Årdal 🇳🇴

Tindevegen is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.322m (4,337ft) above the sea level, located in Sogn og Fjordane county, in Norway. The road to the summit is paved but pretty narrow and steep, hitting a 12.5% through some of the ramps.

The road to the summit is called Tindevegen. It’s 32 km long and links Øvre Årdal deep in Sognefjord to Turtagrø in Jotunheimen. The road is a toll road open from May to November. Just a short walk from the road, you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the Hurrungane peaks and Store Skagastølstind mountain in the east, and of the inner reaches of the Sognefjord and Skjolden in the west.

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