May 22, 2021

Cemetery of the Insane, Rekem 🇧🇪

A burial site that belonged to the close-by psychiatric hospital. The cemetery was founded in 1921 and until 1981 about 1750 male patients were buried here. In those days patients were institutionalized for life with little or no contact with relatives.

The cemetery is situated in a forest with six open areas where the graves are lined up in order of burial. The graves are marked by simple concrete crosses with small plates holding the name and dates of birth and death. Some exceptions were a few wrought iron crosses and couple of grave stones.

Maison Clercx, Het Hobos, Pelt 🇧🇪

There are many urban legends about the Clercx family.

The family used to hunt the "Bokkenrijders". According to popular belief, the Buckriders were ghosts, who fly through the sky on the back of goats. During the 18th century, groups of thieves and other criminals used this belief to frighten farmers. These criminals raided peaceful convents, churches and farms.

Mr. Clerckx swore to wipe out all of these thieves and he succeeded. Stories go that he locked up criminals and starved them. Those who were not brought to the basement were hung.