August 19, 2022 (day 17 of 24)

Preventorio de Aguas de Busot, Aigües 🇪🇸

Preventorio de Aguas de Busot is situated in the province of Alicante in Spain set high up in the mountains.

The most famous ghost story is that of the white lady, she has said to appear in mirrors and is seen climbing the stairs to quite a few visitors. Shadows in the hallways, unusual voices, children singing are among many of the unexplained phenomena that has been associated with this property.

Legend has it that the white lady can laugh and cry at the same time and others say that if the lady laughed at you that means that everything is fine while if her face is sobbing that means that something bad was going to happen.

On the road 🇪🇸

Parked for the night 🇪🇸