June 6, 2021

Haus Fühlingen (Villa Oppenheim), Fühlingen 🇩🇪

The spook in Haus Fühlingen begins on 15 January 1943. The house was then used as a place to sleep for forced laborers of the Nazi regime. One of them, Edward Margol from Poland, is hanged by the Gestapo not far from the house on that day because he is unjustly suspected of having an affair with the estate owner's underage daughter. Since then, it is said, Edward's ghost wanders over the estate in search of his love.

In the following years, several unexplained deaths in the house and on the property are associated with Edward's ghost and those of other prisoners of war: A dead man is found in the henhouse after the liberation of the workers. New Year's Eve 1962 the owner of the house, a judge, hangs himself on the second floor of the house. On April 8, 2007, a similarly hanged resident is found in exactly the same location as the judge.

In 1967 parts of the estate were demolished by the city of Cologne. Since then, the house is considered uninhabited, although apparently until the year 2000, the widow of the judge lived here. Since her natural death, the increasingly decaying house has become a popular destination for amateur ghost hunters: On various Internet portals for ghosts and paranormal activities they document their visits to the estate. They report on oppressive feelings, presences and inexplicable details on taken photos.

Since 1980, the manor is a listed building. Since 2008, reports have been appearing repeatedly that the house should be renovated, rebuilt and sold. However, apart from the sign of a broker on the road, there is no change noticable to this day.

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