August 7, 2017 (day 2 of 15)

Holy Trinity Church, Folkestone 🇬🇧

Located in Sandgate Road, with an unusual octagonal tower, the church has a commanding position in the town of Folkestone.

Bodiam Castle, Bodiam 🇬🇧

Some people passing the ruins at dead of night have reported the distinctive sound of spectral revels emanating from the hollow shell. Others have told of hearing “strange oaths” and “foreign-sounding songs”. Finally, there is the mysterious shade of a ghostly red lady sometimes seen gazing from one of the towers, her eyes fixed upon some distant object-although what it is, and who she was, nobody knows.

Another mysterious spirit involves a little boy dressed in clothes straight from a Dickens novel. His ghost was seen in 1994 by the castle custodian. He was seen running towards the castle but vanished midway across the bridge, suggesting he may have fallen into the moat and drowned.

Windsor Castle, Windsor 🇬🇧

The ghost of King Henry VIII is said to be Windsor Castle’s most famous haunting.

The second wife of King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, is also one of the most famous hauntings at Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth I is said to haunt the Royal Library at Windsor Castle, with the sound of her high heels being heard on the bare floorboards before her figure appears and she passes through the library to an inner room.

During his reign King George III suffered from several bouts of mental illness and the troubled soul is said to still haunt the royal residence.

The queen who gave her name to a whole period of British history is said to haunt Windsor Castle because she was unhappy with the alterations that her great-grandson, King Edward VIII, made to the residence.

The ghost of King Charles I has been seen on numerous occasions in the Library and the Canon’s house. Though the King lost his head during the English Civil War, Charles as a ghost is seen whole.