August 2, 2023 (day 10 of 14)

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  • Duckett’s Grove: The most infamous supernatural entity associated with Duckett’s Grove is the Banshee. An ancestral spirit who is said to haunt certain Irish families, it is believed that those who hear her mournful cry will suffer the death of a loved one.
    The Duckett’s Banshee is supposedly the spirit of a woman with whom William Duckett had an affair.
    She is said to have died tragically on the grounds of the house, having fallen from a horse. Her mother put a treacherous curse on the family, giving birth to tales of the Banshee.
    There have been a number of reports regarding this vengeful apparition, one of which is linked to the unexplained fire that destroyed the house.
    Her cries could be heard slicing through the night air before the house succumbed to flames, and many claim to have seen her dancing in the house as the fire raged around her.