August 6, 2021 (day 8 of 19)

On the road 🇸🇪

Borgvattnets Prästgård, Borgvattnet 🇸🇪

Borgvattnet Spökprästgård, was built in 1876. The first ghost stories came to surface in 1927, when vicar Nils Hedlund wrote about it in a letter. His mother, Marta, died in the house in 1907 during childbirth. His father, Per, couldn’t face the fact his wife passed away and he buried her in the backyard. When the locals found out a couple of days later, they demanded him to bury Marta at the cemetery.

Per agreed, but the next day the whole Hedlund family had disappeared, along with Marta’s body. Nils Hedlund came back to live at the vicarage after his father died. He saw all his laundry being pulled from the drying rack in the garden. There was no wind that day and he could clearly see the laundry was being pulled. And he wasn’t the last person to be affected by the hauntings.

Parked for the night 🇸🇪